Corridors of Life

The truth about Elephants

I started this project as a grand vision with a book in mind to capture the last big herds of Kenya in an ever diminishing land of these giants. The scale of the land and the context relevant to the elephants was key. Rather than grab the usual safari snap shots on big lenses I chose to work closely with the communities and people who new elephants and get close to both of them.

My research had shown me that these animals were so adaptable and had established homes from the desert like lowlands to the highest altitudes, thriving where they were allowed to exist both with and without human interaction. What I never realised in the early stages was that these so called herds were no different. They were one big herd, split into familes. If allowed to roam freely, they would visit each other. The reproductive bulls would court all those they came across.

The project had taken on a new life. The book was about documenting the environments and the elephants. To build a complete picture of the potential lives of these giants. Ultimately perhaps a new type of charity and support, to allow them to roam and move freely. To do once again what they once did.

My project would be about raising awareness through the sale of fine art prints and working with esatblished charities to challenge thinking and approaches.

I hope you you will look at the images, even perhaps purchase them to support me as an artist and my longer term plans to develop a new way of thinking for both the local communities who live with the Elephants each day and the longer term options that Kenya could provide their biggest wild Elephant family.