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Zebra Project launched as a collection of Fine Art

July 17th, 2012


At last I am happy to launch a set of images I have been developing for some time around the wonderful contrast of the representational elephants.

The Zebras will adhorn any home and any wall, a stark impacting image sized 50 x 50 as a limited edition print initially of only 30. Images wil be framed and printed in hand chosen products to add to the overall impact of the image. As ever museum glass will be available as an extra option

Check out the Gallery to see them all View

BBC Planet Earth LIVE - has finished and now planning begins

May 29th, 2012


Planning has started for the next trip. Altered set ups, cars even diet probably. I am hoping that now the rains have come and altered the landscapes, the migration has begun and the elephants have had a baby boom all over Kenya we will see a whole host of new stuff.

I continue with my plans of representational art as contextual portraiture of these amazing creatures, in the hope to again bring back images you want to step into.

In order to keep a little more current and up to date I have also started a twitter account. I know I know, for those that know me twitter is just a great and cheap way of updates while in the bush and beyond. #antonybphoto is the hash tag.

BBC Planet Earth LIVE

May 10th, 2012


Got a call from Marcus today telling me watch the TV tonight. The BBC's Hampster is in the Mara right now and they keep cutting to Samburu to check out the Elephant herd. We suddenly recognise some of the places and Elephants we spent time with.

If you get a chance the series is on for a few weeks, track the Elephants progress.I feel very honoured and appreciative that I got time to spend with them. As important to the awareness I am working on, the images have come alive even more for me, reminding me of the great job we did in ceating those captures.

Welcome to Kenya

April 27th, 2012


As Dawn rises over the Ewaso Nyiro river, it was a first sleepless night in a strange bed, hyena crying and the roar of a distant storm or lion I was unsure.The Elephant adventure had finally begun. 8 days of getting up close to the lands largest mammal. Nothing really prepares you for how big and graceful these animals truly are. My goal was to capture portraits of these elephants in the context of their surrounds. Capturing imagery you wanted to step into. When it finally would be printed and hung on walls I wanted people to feel like they were there, and could look into the elephants eyes and have a connection.

Our jounrey had led us to Samburu Region of Kenya, at the end of the dry season which meant there would be a large herd gathering at the river banks. We had word there were around 100 elephants at present with a number of young calfs. They did not disappoint.

My guide Andrew was amazing, careful, respectful of the animals privacy and my safety. More on him in another post. For now I wanted to start the news post to say I had returned and whilst not chronologically correct, I would over the coming months update this news page with items of interest and relevance to the project.

The first part of the trip was complete. I had achieved my goal of 5-6 images from the region depicting the elephants in their habitat, close enough to touch, but wild enough for the viewer to realise this was the real Africa, and I had catpured a moment in this creatures life. Never to be repeated, always present forever in print.

What now will happen to the prints depends upon my efforts to postiion and sell the art work. 25% of the proceeds will return to the region and the Samburu tribe. More on this in the future.