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This is the detail about the prints, their limited production and the certification and marking of authenticity as well as a briefy history of the reasons for the format.

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charity support

To support both the Elephants and the people undelines the relationship that each have with the region and the land that they have to live in.Working with locals we undertake target programs and support.

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Click or Circle Round to see the galleries of Elephant images. The land varies so much where these magnificients animals can roam. 'Corridors of Life' are needed.

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The images are like stepping into a scene that makes you feel you were there, or just want to be there. The intimacy and connection made with the subject in the context of real surroundings makes this work feel more like a painting than a photo. As art, a photo is knowledge that this moment once existed in time. Antony has truly capture moments that sadly are diminishing in our world


    It took me most of my life to get to Africa, but now Africa will be part of the rest of my life. My focus has always been in East Africa in particular Kenya. A sequence of events led me from the charity to the people to the tribes and to their elephants. In the four regions of Kenya where Elephants now try to survive there is a tribe that tries to co-exist. To support the tribes is key in these Eco systems as their growth education and lives will be the real determinants of the survival of the elephants and all the other animals

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