Raw Sienna Collection - Shaba Gallery

Limited Edition Prints From Shaba/Samburu

Afternoon Warmth

As the sun sets behind the mountain on Shaba the elephant turns to warm her face for the final moments of the day.


A tight and twisted path through the Acacia trees requires a strong will and determined troop. Curious photographers need to stand clear.

Through the Trees

The spread of the branches provides much needed shelter in the heat of the day before heading off to rehydrate at the watering hole.

Standing Alone

The relaxed herd, feels at ease spreading across the dry plains whilst always in search of vast quantities of food and water.

Family Day Out

A matriarch looks on ensuring that her herd has space and watches younger members experimenting with life and growing up .

Crossing Paths

The Bull ensures that there is not threat as he carves a path for the herd through the last grass of the dry season.

This is the Raw Sienna collection of Fine Art Prints of Elephants in the Shaba region Kenya. They are limited to only 2 editioned sizes of prints, sold through local galleries and directly from myself. The region is flat with undulating hills that surround the terrain. They represent a portrait of a moment in time with these amazing animals. Never repeated and a historical record of these beautiful animals.

The prints were captured in the North-Central part of Kenya made famous by the history and violent ends to the lives of George and Joy Adamson who put the plight of elephants on the map in the 1970's.

The region is dry, hilly with the iconic trees and savanah of Africa. The main river Ewaso Nyiro is the life blood of the region. The Elephants have a warmth and general acceptance of our presence. Probably one of the most beautiful landcapes of Kenya.

h6>Panoramic Print Sizes & Pricing

  • Edition A - 50 editions - 24” x 8 ”/appprox 60 cm x 20cm from £ 100
  • Edition B - 25 editions - 36” x 12”/approx 92 cm x 31cm from £ 200
  • Pricing on application as it depends on the how many editions left in each series. I can provide a image mounted price and will also recommend a suitable frame and glass as a complete service. Please contact me directly with any questions.