Burnt Umber Collection - Amboseli Gallery

Limited Edition Prints From Amboseli

Dust Devil

From nowhere both the dust devil and the elephant can appear, obscured by their paths as they leave.

To Water

The Herd gathers and marches in safety and speed to water. The Dust makes it all the more urgent.

The Guardian

From the foothills of Kilimajaro the lone bull asserts his presence.

Long March

The lone Bull will walk and march for days in search of the best females and the best grazing.

The Herd

As the dust gathers in the distance, from it emerges the herd.

Father & Son

I guess its me and my boy.

Family Time

The small family groups move to larger herds for longer marches.

The Matriarch

The Matriarch leads the herd from water to grazing.

These prints continue and expand on the collection of Fine Art Prints of Elephants of Kenya. They are limited to 3 editioned print sizes, available through local galleries and directly from myself. The images are like the region, varied and with different terrain. The predominant colouring is a Burnt Umber given off by the dust and land. Amboseli is about movement and family. From the large groups that gather to feed and walk to the lone bulls moving around in search of suitable mates. They represent a portrait of a moment in time with these amazing animals. Rarely repeated and a historical record of these beautiful animals within their dimishing world.

The prints were captured in and around the area of Amboseli which is currently in an 18 month drought cycle. The Elephants walk up to 40-50 km per day from the best grazing to the best water. The threat from poaching is constant as they move into community and shared land outside of the reserve.

The region is a mix of dry desert like conditions to a central swamp where many creatures gather, all this under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjario as an icon of Kenya.

Panoramic Print Sizes & Pricing

  • Edition A - 50 editions - 24” x 8 ”/appprox 60 cm x 20cm from £ 100
  • Edition B - 25 editions - 36” x 12”/approx 92 cm x 31cm from £ 260
  • Edition C - 10 editions - 60” x 20”/approx 150 cm x 50cm from £ 695
  • Pricing on application as it depends on the how many editions left in each series. I can provide a image mounted price and will also recommend a suitable frame and glass as a complete service. Please contact me directly with any questions.