Fine Art Zebras

SET 2 - Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of Zebras

The style of print I wanted to represent was a very distinct contrast between the subject and its background which although visible would represent the zebra in relation to its different surroundings. The images are generally presented as a striking pair above one another, to compliment and contrast.

Available through some interior designers and galleries. Please contact me directly for more information.

Glance Back

Before they leave to the higher grounds.

The Stallion

The alpha has a certain presence.

The Flats

Great fro protection and long distance viewing.

Sun Shade

Checking around the foliage.

Tred Carefully

Through stone and rock and thorn.

The Watcher

entering the dangerous zone or trees.

Square Format Sizes and Pricing
  • Edition A - 75 editions - 12” x 12”/approx 25cm x 25cm - from £ 85.oo
  • Edition B - 30 editions - 16” x 16”/approx 42cm x 42cm - from £ 175.oo
  • Pricing depends on the editions left in the series. I can provide a image mounted price and will also recommend a suitable frame and glass as a complete service. Please contact me directly with any questions.