Raw Sienna - Shaba

This is the Raw Sienna collection from the Shaba Region Kenya. This collection is limited to only 2 editioned sizes of prints, sold through local galleries and directly from myself. The region is flat with undulating hills that surround the terrain. They represent a portrait of a moment in time never repeated and a historical record of these beautiful animals within their dimishing world.

The region is dry, hilly with the iconic trees and savanah of Africa. The main river Ewaso Nyiro is the life blood of the region. Probably one of the most beautiful landcapes of Kenya.
Panoramic Print Sizes & Pricing

Edition A - 50 editions

24” x 8 ”/approx 60 cm x 20cm

Edition B - 25 editions

36” x 12”/approx 92 cm x 31cm

Pricing depends on the editions left in the series. Mounted images with optimum frames and glass are available for a complete service.