About Us

About Me

I have been passionate about photography and combined this with a natural curiosity for people and my surroundings for over 20 years. My art has been commissioned, published and enjoyed by many.

In recent years I was introduced to a trustee of the charity Hope and Kindness, a school and orphanage in Kosele, Keya.  It was during trips assisting the charity and their work I enjoyed extending my visits to tour some of the surrounding countryside and marvelling at what it has to offer.  I found myself experimenting with new techniques and equipment which has enabled me to capture a style which I call ‘contextual photography’.  My aim in this is to transport the viewer of my images back to the point they were taken and feel the wonder I did when capturing each one.  The intimacy and connection made with the subject makes this work feel more like a painting than photography.

When sitting, watching and waiting on the plains of Africa I am constantly reminded how small we humans really are, and how much of the world we have yet to really discover and bring back for many others to also experience.  I am also made very aware that I am fortunate enough to be witnessing moments that are sadly diminishing in our world.

Meet The Team



Photographer and lover of coffee,family, Elephants and Zebra!


My Guide

5th Generation Kenyan, with a love and passion for Kenya and Africa that has no bounds. Full of energy and knowledge he tops my trips off.


Camera Man

My wingman, great camera man and always provides a leveling and comical moment to an situation. We just laugh.